Code of Ethics

Montessori Administrators of Georgia Code of Ethics and Principles of Good Practice

Mission Statement

Montessori Administrators of Georgia (MAG) is a group founded upon the desire to grow and better communicate Maria Montessori’s philosophies. We endorse the standards and policies of Association Montessori International (AMI) and support fellow members to rely upon these for best practice. MAG offers a network of experienced Montessori administrators the opportunity to work together to strengthen our existing schools and to mentor newer and beginning schools. In particular we support the Montessori Institute of Atlanta and its growth as an AMI training center providing a framework for the development of Montessori education across all age levels.

Membership in the Montessori Administrators Georgia group shall imply that member schools observe, in spirit as well as practice, high professional and ethical standards in their relationship with their own students, faculty, and employees, as well as with other schools.  This is particularly necessary when there may be overlapping interests between schools with respect to faculty employment and student enrollment.

The following Principles of Good Practice are based on the concept that our strength as Montessori schools is derived from both the diversity that exists among us and from the support and cooperation that we can give to each other.

The lead administrator of each school should bear ultimate responsibility for fulfilling this Code of Ethics and Principles of Good Practice.

Issues between member schools concerning the implementation of these guidelines should be directed to the appropriate authorities of the school concerned and processed internally.
Members of MAG are committed to the highest standards of integrity in their professional relationships with parents, students, faculty, and other Montessori schools.  Although our philosophies and programs can be diverse in their structure and style, we follow a common code of ethics that emphasizes fair and consistent policies. 

As a Montessori Administrators Group member, each school agrees to abide by the following code of ethics and principles of good practice:

Our School is Worthy of Trust

As a member of MAG, we pledge to represent our school truthfully and accurately to the general public and internally to our parent community.
We further agree to respect the diversity of the community of Montessori schools.  We will not engage in negative public relations nor make any negative statements about another Montessori school.

Our school honors its financial and contractual commitments to parents, staff, vendors, and others.

Core Values

Our primary focus will always be the well being and best interest of our students.

We recognize that a Montessori school is more than a place of learning; it is a community of children and adults that have a significant impact on our students’ capacity to learn, grow, create, develop, assimilate values, and relate peacefully and respectfully to other people and to the natural world.   

We treat all students, families, teachers, and staff members with kindness and respect.

We consciously teach our students values fundamental to Montessori education, which include:  respect for oneself, others, and their property; peacefulness, empathy and kindness; truthfulness; to search for the solution fairest to all; the pursuit of independence; and a love of work and passion for excellence.

We endeavor to provide a school environment that will promote and protect the physical and emotional well being of our students and staff.

We seek to share with our students, parents, and staff a respect for the earth and stewardship of the environment.

MAG schools do not discriminate in matters of admission or employment on the basis of race, religion, or ethnic background.  We consciously teach children to accept, respect, and celebrate the rich diversity of our world.

We consciously work to build a constructive partnership between the family and school in support of each child’s complete development.

Within reasonable guidelines established to ensure the integrity of our program and the privacy of other students’ records, parents are welcome to visit the school to observe their child in class or to review his/her academic progress.

We will promptly consult with parents should it become clear that a student is not benefiting from the school’s program, or if the school is not the best program to meet his/her needs.

Transfer and Enrollment of Students

Our schools recognize each family’s right to visit and consider other schools and to hold preliminary discussions regarding admission without feeling compelled to notify the school that their children presently attend.

Each school, upon receiving an admissions application, asks the applicant family to advise their children’s present school and authorize in writing the release of their child’s records and student recommendations. The school will not enroll the student without requesting final records from the previous school.

Schools will notify each other if an applicant family is not financially current at the existing school.


We consciously follow fair and equal employment practices in hiring, assigning, promoting, and compensating both teaching and non-teaching staff members.  We strive to employ persons solely on the basis of factors necessary in the performance of the job and the operation of our school without discrimination on the basis of religious affiliation (unless the school is operated either by or on behalf of an established church for the purpose of religious education), race, national origin, gender, and any other factor on which discrimination is prohibited by the laws of the jurisdiction within which the school is located.

No official of our school will knowingly hire a staff member who is under contract at another school.  (There is nothing deemed improper if a teacher or administrator independently approaches another school about possible employment).

MAG member schools are encouraged to check references for any potential employee.  Furthermore, school are asked to give fair and timely references for past or current employees who are seeking employment elsewhere.

Each school will take all reasonable and lawful precautions to maintain the confidentiality of records and information concerning teachers and other staff members who are applying for employment at another school, in accordance with the rights of the individual.








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